Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jacob's Visit

Jacob is my adorable two and a half year old grandson who has platinum blond hair and big blue eyes. His smile lights up a room and he has the best sense of humor. I had the pleasure of his company for a few hours yesterday while his Mom did the laundry she had lugged from Franklin. Unfortunately for them, but lucky for me, their dryer broke and with a preschooler in the house, the wash can't be put off for too long before there isn't anything clean to put on.

Iko and Katie were really excited to see him. He was standoffish, as he always is, because they both are bigger than he and they romp right over to him. But they settled down and Jacob was petting them and sitting on the floor between them. He noted that they both had tails and began asking questions about who he knew who had tails. "Does Bubby have a tail?" "No-o-o." "Does Mommy have a tail?" "No-o-o." He thought that was so funny and laughed so hard after naming each person in the family and getting the same answer, that he had the biggest hiccups!

We "read" books together which meant that he pointed at the pictures as I named the objects. He insisted on turning each page as we continued through the book. I think his favorite to listen to was "Goodnight Moon".

After two large loads were washed and dried, Jacob was asking "Car. Go home?" As excited as he is to get here, the number of toys he has to play with in my house is nothing compared to home. I got at least 4 kisses goodbye and an "Ah luh oo" which was the first time he said that. What joy!!