Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Spectator

The Boston Marathon is part of our culture. The oldest marathon in the world it attracts thousands of runners--from the elite to the "bandits" who tag on the end and don't have numbers. I only watched this year as I have for the past few years. But it brought back some great memories of the Bostons that I have run, really jogged, and finished (as a bandit). The training with running friends and the excitement at the start line in Hopkinton are things not forgotten. Some of the best parts were being recognized by coworkers or students along the way. Finishing gave me such a sense of pride. I did this under my own power without the help of any machines or equipment....just pure guts.....and I have relied on this mental strength through other difficult times. Running those miles really hurt by the the 20th mile but that was when I would remember my Lamaze students who didn't have the option of dropping out of their labors and on I would go. My applause and yelled encouragements are some of the loudest on the sidelines and I admire each and every one of these great athletes today.