Saturday, May 23, 2009

Major Procrastinator

I am writing this down with the intention that if I read it enough it might motivate me to finish things which I start. I love the beginning of new projects; but I find my desire to get to the end diminishes as the time invested grows longer. For instance, I can think off the top of my head of at least 5 ufo's (unfinished objects of knitting) that have been waiting months, and in some cases, years to be completed. A sweater that I promised to my daughter more the five years ago, has part of the back done. That's it...and it doesn't even have sleeves. Another nemesis. I started a pair of light green socks back in September. If I had only one foot I'd be able to wear it. As it stands now, 80% of the second foot would be bare. What's wrong with me? I belong to seven different knitting groups and see all the gorgeous things being done, but I still lag behind. Worse still, I continue to buy yarn (I'd match my stash up with anybody's) because it's just so damn beautiful to look at, especially the hand dyed ones.

OK, I've given myself a good "talking to". All I have to do now, is read it and read it again.