Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is summer in New England?

It's the end of August and I ask "When did we have summer?" It rained most of June and July and seeing the sun was an unfamiliar sight. August happened and went. We had maybe two or three days of really hot weather and today it's in the low 70's. I really dislike the New England seasons: winter is a bitch which lasts well into what should be spring; there is no spring to speak of because the rainy days start as soon as the temp rises a bit and then if you blink, summer is gone. I think the only season which can truly be appreciated is the fall. The colors are something to behold. But can two months out of the year make for a pleasant weather experience? I say a firm "NO!" A topic of discussion at the hairdresser's yesterday: Where can we live that will have days like today? (Low 70's, slight breeze, sunshine, beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky) The consensus was northern California but more than I hate the weather, the thought of moving again is much more odious. Conclusion: I'm stuck here.