Monday, September 13, 2010

First day of school

Today was Jacob's first day of school at Sunrise Montessori in Franklin, MA. He called me up as soon as he got home. Or rather Mom dialed my number, he then held the phone and said "Hi" when I answered. "I went to school today!" was the first thing he told me. Then he added, "I cried" and I thought that was because his mom left the room. But it wasn't that at all. He said he got a booboo and that's why he cried. I'm so proud of him! His speech is so much more intelligible and the inflection he uses is precious! Our new sign off is "I love you forever" after the book of the same name which I have here and read to him when he slept over Wednesday and Thursday nights of last week.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jacob's Visit

Jacob is my adorable two and a half year old grandson who has platinum blond hair and big blue eyes. His smile lights up a room and he has the best sense of humor. I had the pleasure of his company for a few hours yesterday while his Mom did the laundry she had lugged from Franklin. Unfortunately for them, but lucky for me, their dryer broke and with a preschooler in the house, the wash can't be put off for too long before there isn't anything clean to put on.

Iko and Katie were really excited to see him. He was standoffish, as he always is, because they both are bigger than he and they romp right over to him. But they settled down and Jacob was petting them and sitting on the floor between them. He noted that they both had tails and began asking questions about who he knew who had tails. "Does Bubby have a tail?" "No-o-o." "Does Mommy have a tail?" "No-o-o." He thought that was so funny and laughed so hard after naming each person in the family and getting the same answer, that he had the biggest hiccups!

We "read" books together which meant that he pointed at the pictures as I named the objects. He insisted on turning each page as we continued through the book. I think his favorite to listen to was "Goodnight Moon".

After two large loads were washed and dried, Jacob was asking "Car. Go home?" As excited as he is to get here, the number of toys he has to play with in my house is nothing compared to home. I got at least 4 kisses goodbye and an "Ah luh oo" which was the first time he said that. What joy!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is summer in New England?

It's the end of August and I ask "When did we have summer?" It rained most of June and July and seeing the sun was an unfamiliar sight. August happened and went. We had maybe two or three days of really hot weather and today it's in the low 70's. I really dislike the New England seasons: winter is a bitch which lasts well into what should be spring; there is no spring to speak of because the rainy days start as soon as the temp rises a bit and then if you blink, summer is gone. I think the only season which can truly be appreciated is the fall. The colors are something to behold. But can two months out of the year make for a pleasant weather experience? I say a firm "NO!" A topic of discussion at the hairdresser's yesterday: Where can we live that will have days like today? (Low 70's, slight breeze, sunshine, beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky) The consensus was northern California but more than I hate the weather, the thought of moving again is much more odious. Conclusion: I'm stuck here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Major Procrastinator

I am writing this down with the intention that if I read it enough it might motivate me to finish things which I start. I love the beginning of new projects; but I find my desire to get to the end diminishes as the time invested grows longer. For instance, I can think off the top of my head of at least 5 ufo's (unfinished objects of knitting) that have been waiting months, and in some cases, years to be completed. A sweater that I promised to my daughter more the five years ago, has part of the back done. That's it...and it doesn't even have sleeves. Another nemesis. I started a pair of light green socks back in September. If I had only one foot I'd be able to wear it. As it stands now, 80% of the second foot would be bare. What's wrong with me? I belong to seven different knitting groups and see all the gorgeous things being done, but I still lag behind. Worse still, I continue to buy yarn (I'd match my stash up with anybody's) because it's just so damn beautiful to look at, especially the hand dyed ones.

OK, I've given myself a good "talking to". All I have to do now, is read it and read it again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Spectator

The Boston Marathon is part of our culture. The oldest marathon in the world it attracts thousands of runners--from the elite to the "bandits" who tag on the end and don't have numbers. I only watched this year as I have for the past few years. But it brought back some great memories of the Bostons that I have run, really jogged, and finished (as a bandit). The training with running friends and the excitement at the start line in Hopkinton are things not forgotten. Some of the best parts were being recognized by coworkers or students along the way. Finishing gave me such a sense of pride. I did this under my own power without the help of any machines or equipment....just pure guts.....and I have relied on this mental strength through other difficult times. Running those miles really hurt by the the 20th mile but that was when I would remember my Lamaze students who didn't have the option of dropping out of their labors and on I would go. My applause and yelled encouragements are some of the loudest on the sidelines and I admire each and every one of these great athletes today.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Knitter's Lament

I spent six hours this morning flying from Boston to San Francisco to visit my son and his family. One of the things I brought with me to pass the time was the shrug that I am knitting. It's an interesting pattern which is knitted in two parts: each starting with the sleeve and working toward the center back which will be seamed together and the front which is held together with a brooch. The left side is finished. The right side is in progress and almost done. Wait! Something's not right. Why does the shaping seem vaguely familiar? You guessed it..... I made two left sides! Just not following directions. I'm not as pissed as I thought I would be. I'm reading "The Yarn Harlot" and I'm learning that I'm not unique. Even the most experienced knitters make mistakes. So I'm back to frogging half of the second piece.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally, a day comes with no snow in the forecast and the sun is shining. 50 degrees on March 3rd. If only it would last. Went walking with David and the "children" yesterday. As I was trying to keep Katie away from an elderly dog, I lost my balance and went down on my left side. Ouch! I'm sporting a lovely black and blue mark on my left forearm but I can sleep on my left side with some discomfort. Better than the fall on my face last year!